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What you need to know

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Concrete by its pure nature can openly display imperfections such as a slight variation of intended colour and very small holes created by air bubbles. These imperfections are very slight however you must be aware of them. If you are after a perfect finish it may be best to look at marble or quartz. Having said that, the imperfections and the industrial durability of concrete is the reason why it has become so increasingly popular for home and commercial furniture over the last 2 years. The trend is now concrete.

Given the nature of concrete, your product will ultimately be very unique. There will never be another product on this earth that will look and feel exactly the same as yours. The shape, colour and texture may look similar but never identical.

So if you are tired of replacing your indoor and outdoor furniture every couple of years, concrete is certainly a great option for you.

And please keep in mind, our products are made of genuine concrete. There are plenty of concrete look alike products coming in from overseas but our products are made with real concrete.

Classic White Oval Coffee Table with two Concrete Legs

Made In Australia

We’re quite proud to say that all of our products are made here in Melbourne, Australia. So, if you purchase one of our products, your money is staying in Australia supporting Australian jobs.

Product Information

Tested For Strength

Our tables have been officially tested for Flexural Load Testing by Melbourne Testing Services on November 15th 2021. We’re very happy with the results and it just confirms to us that our tables are strong and durable. A peak force of 2.13kN (217kgs) was recorded in the middle of the table as per the photo, and this is without the support of the cross beams on the legs. In summary, this result gives us confidence that our re-inforced concrete tables are extremely safe for domestic and commercial use.
Classic Round Table on a Round Concrete Leg

General Info

If you have ordered a custom made product, the product will be manufactured within days but will need to be cured/dried for a period of 4 to 5 weeks in our factory prior to being despatched.
If you have purchased a product ‘in stock’, it can be picked up or packaged and transported to you within a few days.

Our sealed concrete product is acceptable for food preparation, is heat resistant and prevents unwanted particles and bacteria from entering the pores of the concrete

All tables come with a full 12 months Warranty which is specific to and limited to manufacturing defects (as per our Warranty policy).
Quotes are valid for a period of 28 days.

The tables will remain the property of Konstyle until full payment has been made.

Classic White Oval Coffee Table with two Concrete Legs
Product Information
Classic White Round Dining Table

Concrete care and maintenance

To clean, use a mild soap and water solution.

Do not use abrasive, bleach or ammoniated cleansers, Natural cleansers are also not recommended.

Spills should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Avoid using hot or wet items directly on the surface as they can leave marks that are difficult to remove.

Never use the tabletop as a cutting surface or similar.